io sono CG artisto:)

Dima fedotoV

Hi! my name is Dima Fedotof, I'm an CG artist and computer short animaton director. I am an CG artist for a long time, and I prefer not to count by the years (I do not remember them) but by 3dmax versions. When I started working, actual version was 3dmax 3.2. My computer had already 32 megabytes of RAM, and hade big anough vinchester for windows and max or windows and 1 game. So I had to constantly reinstall them. Then I decided for myself what is CG. This is a new art form, underrated and misunderstood. Now CG is highly valued, but the era of post-modernism has made computer graphics mechanical art, which undoubtedly sad. However, postmodernism did not spare anyone, so that's all right. No one is offended.
Starting with a 3D painting, I gradually moved to create a short animations. I made few animated shorts that suddenly liked people. Given that I do not have professional education, it probably indicates a certain abilities, maybe even talent! I like to think so. Now I live in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, making plan to full-length animated cartoons and TV shows, writing scripts, drawing concepts generally do not sit idle. Here on the site you can see my work, if you have any questions, feel free to write me

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